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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Christopher & Deidri Tate: Wedding Part II

Before I post this wedding, I want to first say that I REALLY appreciate Deidri’s patience. My husband had knee surgery which threw back ALL of my editing and my schedule was almost at a hault. Deidri has been SO patient and completely understood, even though she was sooo anxious to see! So thank you […]

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Tommy Sunny + Rian Abraham: She said YES Part II

I put a sneak peek of Tommy’s proposal to Rian a few weeks back, to see it click HERE, and finally I am putting up part 2! I just LOVED this proposal. As I have stated in their sneak peek, I know Tommy from work. I think I was more excited about his proposal to […]

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Lead by Example: Billops Family

Sherrie and I met at Vivian Field Jr. High and were friends from the begining. She has always been a great person with a personality that was so inviting! We ran into eachother again during a mutual friends “weight loss” competition, which Sherrie was the one of the biggest loosers! 🙂 To see her transformation click […]

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80’s Theme: Childrens Portraits

I did a sneak peek a few weeks back, but I really do love these children’s portraits! Kelly had the idea to shoot an 80’s theme, so her children wore fun clothes and did their hair AND picked some fun places for pictures. I LOVED the colors in all of these pictures. This was a […]

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Orlando + Kristi Wedding: Part II

I just LOVED this wedding! The colors were so vibrant and beautiful! I think my favorite part (other then the Bride of course 🙂 ) is the BUTTERFLIES! I LOVED IT! I had a hard time trying to pick the perfect pictures to feature on my blog because I really loved Kristi’s wedding.  As you […]

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Tommy and Rian Proposal: She Said YES!

Tommy and I used to work together, and I am not sure how I approached the topic, but I asked if he was getting married and needed a photographer! (I didn’t beat around the bush) 🙂 He informed me that he had a girlfriend and wasn’t sure at that time when a wedding was going […]

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Greg + Kate Wedding: Teaser!

 Greg was stationed in Germany where he met Kate and well….the rest is history! When I talked with Greg he was out of the U.S. Army and living in Germany as a civilian. He informed me that they were getting married in Dallas and needed a photographer. OF COURSE I was delighted to be given this opportunity.  Kate’s […]

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